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girl on chair

Print for sale


I currently have this dance nude image up for sale at Catawiki auctions. Ends Sunday 21st October 2018 7pm BST. Have a look.

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‘Albus’ – white on white

Young woman, white balloon.


From a very recent series which currently is in auction at catawiki photography auctions. End Sunday 21st October 7pm.

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Apple Season!

Well the strawberry season is well and truly over so that leaves us with fine green apples for the autumn.

Enjoy the leaves and the drizzle!



Girl with apple in her mouth

Girl with strawberry

Angry Girl with strawberry in mouth

#angry #apple #strawberry #redhead

Sports shot.


A personal shot which has been up on my instagram and getty since february and which may or may not have ‘inspired’ a famous shoe brand’s recent campaign. (I mean- even the colours were virtually the same)… anyway… let’s not go there.

Shoot was all done in camera and a thoroughly enjoyable session was had with the ever energetic Pippa.

#sportsphotography #jumpphotography #multiexposure

Chinese Whispers

mysterious girl

‘Completing’ my ‘hazy series’ of images of 2018, is this Chinese model who is also a student of philosophy.

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Moody nude


Hazy nude portrait shot in the studio.

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Hazy days



Moody vibes on a foggy London day.

Army – Be The Best

New campaign for The Army – shot by me.

Elegantly simple, honest and straightforward portraiture.

On billboards across the country now to coincide with #IWD2018

Commissioned by Karmarama.

female soldier

Classic portraits at Hampden Capital

I was commissioned to shoot a series of portraits of the good people of Hampden Capital Plc in The City over the last few months.

Hampden is a leading provider of specialist insurance, investment and financial support services.

It was really interesting getting a small inside look into The City’s world of finance.

We did more than 40 portraits and here is a small selection.

A special Thank You to James, Jonathan, Jenny and Seth.

business photography

finance photography



Business portrait


business portrait