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Tim Arthur for Dance Gazette/Royal Academy of Dance

Spent an hour in the lovely company of Tim Arthur, the new Chief Executive at The Royal Academy of Dance. They have an absolute stunner of a new HQ in London SW.

Thanks to David and Fonz at Dance Gazette for the gig. Always a blast with you guys.

Tim Arthur. RAD Dance Gazette



O D E O N – introducing the cast

Glad to be able to share these images of the pan European campaign shot for Odeon cinemas. Each character representing one aspect of the movie going experience.

Shot in London with Elvis Comms Agency and art directed by Bill Hibbins.

odeon cinemas poster

Odeon cinemas promo

Odeon cinemas promo

Odeon cinemas promo

Odeon cinemas promo







“Danceteria” (2021)

Spread a little light and warmth in your autumn!
“Danceteria” – my new series of dance shots with Lucinda Strachan artist with the English National Ballet.

You can find them in my print shop too should you wish to gift or own one of my limited edition prints.

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New Print shop

In case you haven’t noticed I now have a brand new print shop integrated into my website.

The selection of prints for sale are on a bi-monthly rota to keep things interesting. All prices include VAT(tax).

If you are buying from outside the U.K the tax gets deducted at checkout on the step after you have put in your address.

Have a browse here and see what could work in your space.


limited edition print

Limited edition print

Limited edition print

Graphis Nudes 5 – gold awarded

U.S publication Graphis earlier this year published it’s new compendium of beautiful nude photography from across the world.

Both new and established talent is showcased and a few awards handed over too. Very honoured to be amongst them and to be showcased in such wonderful company.

You can see the work featured in the book in this gallery here on the Graphis site 

Below is one of my two winning entries-

the other image awarded is on this page here.

Stroboscopic effect

007 – Smoky!

The one and only Daniel Craig – here shot by yours truly for now defunct UK magazine “Arena” in 2004 on announcement of his role as the then new 007.

James Bond for the 21st century.

Here on display at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

Search me on the National Portrait gallery’s site for more of my portraits.

“Another Space” (2020)


New work.

A little detour.

Just to let your mind and eyes rest.

Photographed this autumn in London and all done in-camera.

Thank you for looking.


Auction of “Luna Rising”

This week on Catawiki auctions  I’ve got this large 24″ x 20″ limited edition print for sale.

It depicts Luna, a Chinese model, I photographed in my studio a few years back.

The image is entirely created in the camera and the multi face effect has not been created in post production.

Interested in bidding online?

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Go here:



Ricky Gervais at The National Portrait Gallery

For those of you who don’t know, I do have the odd portrait with the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Here is one of the inimitable Ricky Gervais.

Colour Project X

A colourful  journey around the body.

I used colour to transform our bodies into small oasis’ of energy and peace.

All the work is done in camera and in the lighting.

I have been photographing the body with colour gels for many years. It was actually my main body of work when I left college, so I am really pleased to be working with colour like this on some of my recent work again.

It’s great to come back to genres with a ‘fresh’ set of eyes.




Project X


Project X


Project X